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Horzion Zero Dawn facilities 0 microtransactions

The nearing movement game Horizon Zero Dawn will not have microtransactions.

No need to fear removing nickel-and-dimed for cold outfits and weapons for Aloy. Revealed in a new Twitter conversation, developer Guerrilla Games announced that Horizon Zero Dawn will not underline any microtransactions.

That means that all additional calm for a pretension will be nearing as possibly partial of a pre-order bonus, or as destiny DLC. We’re into that. It’s like a good ol’ days when we had to work for a treasures that your dino-machine huntress carried on her, not throwing some oddly-named real-world banking during a shade to cut in line and get a coolest looking equipment forward of time.

In other recent Horizon Zero Dawn news, scarcely 10 mins of gameplay recently flush on a internet, display off a vast apportionment of a educational missions.

Horizon Zero Dawn arrives on a PlayStation 4 Feb 28th.

Source: Guerrilla Games on Twitter

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