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Homefront: The Revolution’s new trailer offers a tactical overview of a land divided


Homefront: The Revolution developer Dambuster Studios continues its array of enlightening trailers to assist players in flourishing a game’s antagonistic environment. Today’s doctrine teaches players that “where” we quarrel can be only as critical as “how”.

The “Hearts and Minds 101” trailer breaks down a 3 opposite zones that make adult a game’s map: a Red Zone, Yellow Zone, and Green Zone. The Red Zone is a slightest secure—from a occupiers’ perspective, that is—with consistent rivalry patrols among a decayed structures ensuing in a solid tide of engagements. The Yellow Zone houses many of a oppressed population, and consistent in with this pliable throng is rewarded with successful harm opportunities and a accompanying support of a municipal populace. Finally, a Green Zone is a many challenging area, and players will wish to be during a tip of their diversion before they strike during this heart of a compulsory government.

The prior educational trailer, “Guerrilla Warfare 101,” walked players by a many basis of fight indispensable when fighting opposite a enemy.

Homefront: The Revolution is slated to launch May 17th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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