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Here are a 3 Justin Bieber songs entrance to Rock Band 4


Track information has been expelled per Justin Bieber Pack 01 for Rock Band 4.

Revealed in a new video posted on YouTube, Rock Band‘s initial container of songs from a Biebs includes 3 tracks: “Sorry,” “Boyfriend,” and “Love Yourself.” While “Sorry” and “Love Yourself” are off Bieber’s many new album, Purpose, “Boyfriend” is a bit of a throwback, entrance from his 2012 album, Believe. Each lane can be purchased away in Rock Band 4 for $1.99 USD, or as a container of all 3 for $5.49. Preserving your grace by not downloading this strain pack, however, is priceless.

Rock Band 4 is accessible for Xbox One, PlayStation 4.

Source: Rock Band on YouTube

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