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Halo trainer says Xbox Scorpio is ‘beefier’ than expected

The Xbox Scorpio competence be “beefier” than expected, according to 343 Industries’ authorization growth executive Frank O’Connor.

O’Connor showed adult to leave his thoughts in a thread on NeoGAF. While other NeoGAF users debated either or not a Scorpio could be regulating AMD’s Vega architecture, one asked O’Connor for any hints about a arriving console.

“Although we substantially ‘know’ [the specs of a Scorpio] in that we competence have seen it in a slip or something, it’s literally not something we have time to consider about now,” O’Connor admitted. “And we indeed couldn’t remember whatever specs I’ve been unprotected to even if we was tortured. we literally couldn’t trickle or answer a doubt that went over ‘Can we do this? Does it support that? How many of these could it render?’”

However, O’Connor did have one tidbit to share.

“What we do remember is that it’s beefier than we expected,” he said.

As of right now, we don’t know most about a specs of a Scorpio. It’ll be able of personification VR games, and games in what Microsoft is job “true” 4K. It’s aiming for 6 teraflops of power, something that’s some-more same to a energy of a good PC than a normal console.

There’s also no recover date for a Xbox Scorpio, though it’s estimated to arrive in time for a 2017 holiday season.

Source: Frank O’Connor on NeoGAF

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