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Grand Theft Auto Online only had the busiest month yet—in 2017

Grand Theft Auto Online‘s many renouned month was shockingly only one month ago, over 4 years after a game’s strange release.

An refurbish was recently recover for GTA Online, and as with all updates, developer Rockstar accompanied it with a blog post detailing a new calm players could expect. In a intro of a blog post, developer Rockstar interjection a fans for creation 2017 a experience’s “biggest” year yet, that finished with “an epic Dec that saw some-more players in a diversion than ever before.”

The refurbish itself enclosed a common bonuses of increasing goal rewards and calm discounts, though one singular further was a Lampadati Viseris. What creates this automobile special is that, notwithstanding a medium cost tab of reduction than $900K, it is indeed a fastest automobile in a whole game.

It is unchanging calm updates like this that have kept Grand Theft Auto Online consistently popular, though it still seems surprising that Dec 2017 would trump all other months. Presumably, a new recover of a game’s Doomsday Heist played a vital purpose in boosting GTA Online‘s traffic, as good as a Red Dead Redemption 2 scavenger hunt. One competence have approaching a launch of a strange heists behind in Mar of 2015 to have pulled in some-more players, though a ceaselessly unstoppable sales of Grand Theft Auto V recently resulted in some-more people owning a diversion than any other title, during slightest in a U.S.

Source: IGN

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