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Good man Blizzard releasing earthy copies of Overwatch forward of schedule


Listings for Overwatch on Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop have all been updated to uncover a diversion releasing on May 23rd, a day before a formerly announced launch date.

Just since players might be means to get their hands on Blizzard’s arriving team-based shooter a day early from name retailers, that doesn’t meant they’ll be duking it out any sooner. A disclaimer of use has been posted to a game’s inventory on Amazon, display that a servers will still be incited on during a creatively scheduled time:

Release date announcement: Overwatch will now be expelled one day early, on May 23rd, 2016. Servers go live on May 24th, 2016.”

For those not in a loop, Overwatch is 100 percent online, so carrying a diversion before a servers are live won’t accomplish too much. However, this should concede players who squeeze a earthy duplicate to preload a diversion information before to launch. That approach they can join in on a fun a present servers go live—no need to wait during a store until midnight, afterwards expostulate back.

Thanks, Blizzard!

Source: Amazon

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