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Gamers’ Skills in a Bedroom Ranked by their Console of Choice

As if a wars between console fanboys (and fangirls) isn’t already bad enough, a new investigate looked to find out that height fans make a best passionate partners.

Yes, this is a genuine study, finished by VoucherCodesPro (who it seems run some arrange of “money saving website”).

The investigate polled 1,747 partners of UK residents who would be deliberate gamers. Participants were initial asked their partner’s gaming height of choice, and afterwards how they would rate their partner in a bedroom.

Right away, gamers aren’t off to a good start, as usually 11% of those surveyed pronounced their partner was “excellent”, with 14% entrance in during “very good”. The biggest organisation was “good” with 27%, followed by “average” during 26%. Finally—and, thankfully, anonymously—20% of partners were listed as “below average”.

So that console had a gamers with a best altogether ratings? That’d be a Xbox 360, where 54% of those surveyed gave their partner a ranking of “good” or above (with 22% reaching “excellent”). Next up, maybe a small surprisingly, was a Wii, where 47% of Wii players got a “good” or better.

Sadly, we got no numbers for PS3 owners, though also sadly, we did get numbers for PC owners. Why sadly? Because PC gamers faired a worst, with a scanty 8% being labelled as “very good”, and usually 3% “excellent”.

Those surveyed were also asked about a ratio of gaming to bedroom activity in their attribute when it came to their partners. 52% found a change in their lives was “just right”, while 21% wanted “more sex, reduction gaming”. Ah, though a final response was generally interesting: 11% pronounced they wanted “less sex, some-more gaming”. (Which could be good or bad depending on who we are.)

“So, according to a survey, it seems that if we possess an Xbox 360, we can give yourself a pat on a behind for bedroom performance,” pronounced George Charles from VoucherCodesPro. “Well, one in 5 of we can during least. For other gamers it really seems there’s room for improvement. And notwithstanding it being an certainly good game, maybe Bioshock Infinite doesn’t act as a healthy opening enhancer!”

So… yeah. Remember, this is all in good fun, so don’t take these formula too seriously.

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