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Game Developer Magazine Closing Down in July

After 19 years covering a art, science, and business of videogames, Game Developer repository is shutting down.

“We’ve done a preference to change divided from imitation as a partial of a wider plan change in a primogenitor association UBM Tech, that is concurrently changeable other imitation publications possibly to digital usually or to website-specific content, orienting them to assistance support a flourishing community-centric events such as Game Developers Conference,” a staff post on Gamasutra reads.

The magazine’s final imitation emanate will be their June/July 2013 issue. Digital issues will also be entrance to an end. According to a post, an aspect of a repository will live on in a conform as a territory of Gamasutra’s diversion coverage.

When reached for comment, executive clamp boss of UBM Tech and former editor-in-chief of Game Developer repository Simon Carless told Polygon, “If we demeanour during what we’ve been doing on Gamasutra recently, we’ve been handing over a lot some-more of a front page to a diversion growth community—and that’s unequivocally what we’re stability to do. So we are anticipating to transition some of a unchanging columnists to a Game Developer on Gamasutra territory of a website, though apparently we’ll have to speak to them about it first.

“As an ex-EIC of a repository myself, I’m also unequivocally sad about a change. But we’ll try a best to transition a lot of a bequest calm of a repository (a lot of that hasn’t been accessible for giveaway before) onto Gamasutra, for a whole village to read.”

Source: Gamasutra

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