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Gabe Newell gives a spark of wish to Half-Life and Portal fans

The Internet’s long-sought-after white whale, Half-Life 3, competence indeed have a possibility of happening.

The possibility is still a slim one, yet word this time comes not from a gossip or trickle yet true from a mouth of Gabe Newell himself. The boss and co-founder of Valve took to Reddit to answer fans’ questions recently, and yet he kept his answers short, they could outrider Valve’s lapse to single-player diversion creation.

When asked directly about a standing of Half-Life 3, Newell jokingly replied that “the series 3 contingency not be said.” However, when asked if Valve is operative on any “fully-fledged singular actor games,” a answer was yes—and when asked privately about a new IP in a “Half-Life/Portal universe” a answer was a candid “yep.”

GabeN reddit answers

Let’s not get too excited, though. Just since Valve is operative on a single-player diversion and something in a Half-Life star doesn’t meant that those dual projects are one and a same. The Lab, that Valve combined for a HTC Vive, would count as a new entrance in a games’ common universe, for example, yet a collection of VR minigames isn’t a form of calm Half-Life fans wish for.

The thread contains a few other engaging replies from Newell, yet zero else to bother fans’ seductiveness utterly as much. It’s still a good read, so check out all of Newell’s answers if you’re into that arrange of thing.

Source: Gabe Newell AMA on Reddit

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