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Flappy Bird creator only expelled his latest diversion for free

The male who done Flappy Bird is back, and he’s got a new game.

Dong Nguyen pulled his initial origination from a App Store shortly after it went viral behind in 2013, anticipating to equivocate press, paparazzi, and a eyes of a public. He’s stranded with diversion pattern in a inserted years, however, and his new app, Ninja Spinki Challenges, can now be downloaded for giveaway on Android and iOS devices.

Like Flappy Bird, Ninja Spinki Challenges has a elementary premise, though flourishing for any length of time is a challenge. You play as a Ninja named Spinki, and a idea is to tarry by 6 opposite diversion modes for as prolonged as we can. Spinki can chuck shurikens and evasion to try and survive, though drifting fruit, enemies, and other weapons will hit him out with one touch.

It seems that this time around, Nguyen intends to keep his diversion in stores. We’ll only have to wait and see either Ninja Spinki Challenges can achieve a same arrange of recognition as Flappy Bird. You can collect adult a iOS chronicle of a diversion on a App Store and a Android chronicle on a Google Play Store.

Source: Kotaku

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