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Firaxis explains because Civilization VI has a new art style

Civilization VI

One of a initial things that people will have beheld about Civilization VI is a new art style. Many will see it as a step behind for a series, but, according to developer Firaxis Games, there’s a really good reason for a change.

Art director, Brian Busatti explained to IGN that a preference to switch to a new art impression was done to urge a game’s looks when zoomed out.

“When we went into this, we looked into how people play a game,” he told IGN. “Typically in a Civ diversion we wish to see a universe as a whole, so you’re pulling out a lot. That doesn’t meant people don’t wizz in, though for a many part. Some people even wizz all a approach out and play in tactical mode.

“We still have a singular units. Like, we see a Samurai, that are still singular a Japanese. But even a bottom units, like a Pikemen, all have a informative light to them,” he added. “You still need to be means to review them as Pikemen – he still needs a prolonged post, and it’s a really iconic shape. But we’ve left a small serve by changing adult helmets, maybe a ends of a dart looks somewhat opposite depending on a segment a impression is from. We’ve also got opposite skin tones, opposite ethnicity for a characters.”

Civilization VI was strictly announced final week and offers players “new ways to rivet with your world” including cities that physically enhance opposite a map, the ability to clear investigate boosts by exploring, a choice to mix units, and extended multiplayer options.

Civilization VI launches exclusively for PC on Oct 21st, 2016.

Source: IGN

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