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Final Fantasy XIV’s ‘The Gears of Change’ refurbish now accessible to download

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Final Fantasy XIV‘s 3.2 update, differently famous as The Gears of Change, is now accessible on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

The refurbish introduces new categorical unfolding quests, dual max-level dungeons (Antitower and Lost City of Amdapor Hard), a Primal conflict opposite Sephirot—not Sephiroth—the Alexander: Midas raid, Hildibrand, new savage clan daily quests, The Feast PvP mode, and most more.

A brief outline of a vital additions, pleasantness of Square Enix, can be found below:

  • Main Scenario Quests: The consummate of a Dragonsong War draws closer, and adventurers find themselves in a midst of a charge of change.
  • Two high-level dungeons:  Level 60 players can plea a Antitower, a place of poser deserted by a Sharlayans now overshoot by enchanting guardians, and a Lost City of Amdapor (Hard), where immorality continues to slink following a better of Diabolos.
  • Containment Bay S1T7:  This new primal conflict pits adventurers opposite Sephirot, a Fiend, a initial of a Warring Triad who has been awoken from his malicious dreams.
  • Alexander: Midas: The Illuminati are once again gearing adult for fight in an try to conquer a realm. Return to a iron outpost with your allies to take partial in a mint raid.
  • Further Hildibrand Adventures: New side story quests lead a actor to join Nashu during a Holy See of Ishgard on her hunt for a dauntless inspector
  • Beast Tribe Quests: Learn some-more about a trials and tribulations of a Nonmind, exiles from a Gnath colony, who aim to apart themselves from a Onemind.
  • Stone, Sky, Sea: A new training belligerent to exam players’ competence opposite an collection of distinguished dummies tailored to a strength of mythological foes
  • The Feast: A new PvP locus to be implemented dual weeks after patch 3.2, where a idea is to obtain competition medals. Individual rating and ranks will be reserved to players and a highest-ranked participants will be awarded a special prize
  • New crafting recipes, hairstyles and more

You can review a full patch records here.

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