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Final Fantasy XIV is finally adding a long-requested pursuit class

Final Fantasy XIV‘s subsequent expansion, Stormblood, is rising in only over half a year, and it finally adds Red Mages to a game.

The news was suggested during a FFXIV Fan Festival hold in Tokyo today, and came with a few teases of what we can design to see as good as a handful of screenshots.

First adult is a Red Mage, one of a most-asked for pursuit classes given a game’s launch. The Red Mage will play as a hybrid m�lange and ranged enchanting DPS, fighting with a rapier as a primary weapon. According to a announcement, a class’s strength lies in chaining mixed spells to understanding large repairs before following adult with m�lange attacks, and “high-speed positioning” is key.

FF14 Red Mage

Additionally, there’s a new raid on a way, and it takes place in Ivalice (the universe of Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics). Wrtten by Yasumi Matsuno, a executive of those games, The Return to Ivalice will also underline code new song by Nobuo Uematsu.

Finally, a enlargement will also supplement swimming to a game. Players will be means to simply enter a physique of H2O to start swimming, with no loading times. Though we won’t be means to quarrel while swimming, screenshots uncover that we will be means to float a chocobo underwater.

FF14 swimming chocobo

Stormblood‘s enlargement is designed to recover on Jun 20th. Pre-orders open adult a lot earlier, starting on Jan 24th.

Source: PlayStation on Twitter

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