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Final Fantasy VII is finally accessible on Android

Square Enix has finally expelled Final Fantasy VII on Android.

The Android chronicle is accessible now for $15.99 and facilities an choice to spin rivalry encounters off on a universe and area maps (will not skip eventuality battles) and a Max Stats command.

The diversion takes adult around 2 GB of memory and requires over 4 GB to download it.

“Depending on a turf and timing of a action, a buggy, submarines, airships, and other modes of travel might stop to pierce when a actor embarks or disembarks,” Square Enix notes.

“Currently, a usually repair is to restart a diversion from a information record saved before a bug occurred. We suggest saving frequently and/or utilizing mixed save files. This bug occurs many mostly when players embark or disembark while intensely tighten to a terrain, as good as during time-sensitive activities for events.”

You can download a diversion now over on a Google Play Store.

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