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Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius entrance to iOS and Android this summer


Following on from an proclamation progressing this month, Square Enix has reliable that a full-scale Final Fantasy diversion for mobile, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, will be entrance to iOS and Android this summer.

“Adventurers will follow dual knights of a dominion of Grandshelt, and a immature lady who unexpected appears before them, as they start their query to pursue a rarely sought after crystal,” Square Enix explains. “Players will make their approach by several forms of dungeons to hunt for items, collect gil, expose dark paths, and try new routes.”

  • A outline of a game’s categorical features. pleasantness of Square Enix, can be found below:
  • Traditional, turn-based gameplay with streamlined conflict mechanics and discerning hold controls, creation it easy to collect adult and play for newcomers as good as long-time fans
  • Players will be means to pierce their characters by fields and dungeons to hunt for items, dark paths, and new routes.
  • High-quality CG animations of Final Fantasy summons
  • Appearances from new and characters from past titles like a Warrior of Light, Cecil, Vivi, and Terra
  • A finish RPG knowledge in an easy, unstable format for mobile phones

The diversion will be playable during Square Enix’s E3 counter subsequent month.

Interested players can pre-register for a diversion here to receive special in-game equipment during launch.

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