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Fed adult with Division bugs? Ubisoft’s apologizing with giveaway Phoenix Credits, and here’s where to find them


As promised, a developers behind Tom Clancy’s The Division are perplexing to make amends for a game’s crowd of issues by handing out a large pile of a game’s profitable Phoenix Credit currency.

To collect adult a reward, players will wish to go to a Rewards Claim businessman on a bottom building of the home base, right next a Tech Wing. Under this vendor’s resources tab, players can find a accumulate of 150 Phoenix Credits, that can be used to squeeze some of a game’s best weapons and gear.

The issues that annoyed this gift especially included exploits to a game’s recently introduced Incursion mode which postulated a exploiters extreme amounts of absolute gear. Other recently patched bugs authorised players to double adult on reviving teammates and clean adult their weapon repairs over authorised limits, so these banking rewards from Massive don’t come off as gratitude for gamer’s patience, though some-more like apologies for holding divided some of their fans’ favorite strategies.

Source: Polygon

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