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Fan favorite messenger earnings in Star Wars: The Old Republic’s subsequent story chapter


BioWare has common sum about Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s next Knights of a Fallen Empire story chapter, Profit and Plunder.

In a new livestream, a developer suggested that Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder will see players attempting to take from a Eternal Empire. BioWare combined that players will also have to make some deadly decisions and that all prior decisions will start to uncover their repercussions in this chapter.

It was also suggested that Vette, a Sith Warrior’s Twi’lek worker companion, will lapse in this section along with a Bounty Hunter’s messenger Gault.

Along with this new chapter, BioWare announced a May 4th—also famous as Star Wars day—event that will give all players double XP for one week and a M4-16 Astromech mini pet.

Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder launches May 3rd, 2016.

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