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Expect a Switch to get a lot of Unreal Engine diversion ports

Many games that use a Unreal Engine will be entrance to a Nintendo Switch.

Unreal Engine came out in support right after a Nintendo announced a new console, with a twitter announcing that a association was “thrilled” to partner with Nintendo. Now, Epic Games Japan’s domain manager Takayuki Kawasaki has suggested a small more.

Though he didn’t name any diversion titles, Kawasaki told Japanese opening Social VR Info (via Nintendo Everything) that “a lot” of titles that use a record will seem on a Switch. Apparently, this includes games that have already been announced, as good as a few that are still a secret.

Kawasaki resolved with hopes that a Switch could reanimate a console marketplace in Japan.

One of a games that we know will use a Unreal Engine 4 is Dragon Quest XI, one of a initial games announced for a Switch. As for what a others could be, that’s now a mystery. We’re expected to find out some-more on Jan 12th, however, when Nintendo binds a subsequent large display on a Switch (and hopefully unveils some-more about a system’s lineup during launch).

Source: Nintendo Everything

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