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Enter a Gungeon review


In a word, Enter a Gungeon is overwhelming. Screen after shade of enemy-filled bedrooms plea your ability to multitask. It takes a rogue-like regulation of a predecessors and combines it with a mechanics of a pattern-heavy bullet ruin like Ikaruga, afterwards layers a heaping sip of a possess attract on top. The finish outcome is a hellishly difficult, vastly rewarding diversion with a tinge all a own.

At a commencement of a run, we name from 4 characters, any one with a few opposite traits. Every adventurer (or “gungeoneer”) has a specific reason for entering a Gungeon, that binds a fabulous gun that can exorcise a demons of their past (the diversion literally refers to it as a gun that can kill a past.) The account also provides a ideal volume of amour to make any impression we come opposite in a Gungeon engaging, of that there are many. Some of those characters open adult shops, possibly low inside a cave itself, or during a game’s heart world, The Breach. Shops in The Breach let we use special banking acquired from bosses to clear equipment we can after find in a dungeon’s chests and shops for use during vicious times.

Even before we start unlocking them from vendors, though, there are loads of guns on offer in Enter a Gungeon. From adorned laser beams to goofier options like a lowercase r, that spells out “bullet” with a projectiles as it fires. Without being means to perspective a specific stats for any gun, of that there are hundreds, selecting a best gun for any conditions can be difficult. Sure, an attack purloin is generally improved than a pistol, yet when we have to confirm between a cactus and a klobbe submachine gun, a choice of that gun is “better” becomes some-more gray.


However, we had a many fun with Enter a Gungeon when we left behind a idea of conserving ammo (a meagre commodity) or picking a ideal gun for any room. At a finish of a day it’s a diversion about zipping around walls of bullets, and creation certain enemies get a face-full of lead—regardless of a smoothness system. Not being means to get into a nitty dirty of any singular arms nagged during a hardcore gamer in me, yet we don’t consider it impacted my ability to play a game.

I’m going to be honest with you—I wasn’t means to kick Enter a Gungeon. After many binge sessions, one of that resulted in me interlude since my PlayStation 4 started to feel some-more like a hotplate than a diversion console, we was means to reach, yet not beat, a game’s final turn mixed times. Having to start over from a commencement of a Gungeon after any playthrough done any genocide that most some-more gut-churning. Dying not usually meant an finish to an differently good run, yet also came with a enclosure of meaningful that I’d have to make a trek behind by progressing stages, losing all a strenuous weapons we had formerly gained.

Even yet there were a few times that we yearned for for an easier problem (like a time we threw a legitimate rage pretension after a quite abrasive improved by a bullet-spewing boss), Enter a Gungeon’s problem is indeed one of a game’s clever points. After any death, we can feel yourself removing marginally improved during a game, and it does a good pursuit of rewarding we for any tiny victory. Defeating bosses yet removing strike earns we an additional heart container, and scrupulously utilizing a game’s singular resources can lead we to some extensive loot. You competence needlessly tumble into a array or dive directly into rivalry fire, yet Enter a Gungeon goes out of a approach to assistance we forget about those missteps.


If you’re carrying problem holding on a game’s some-more severe levels, we can play alongside a crony around dual actor cot mild play. Instead of personification as one of a game’s heroes, your fan takes on a purpose of a mage sidekick, make-up a nerf gun that provides a bit of additional oomph when confronting off opposite foes. Coordinating attacks with your sidekick creates going by a Gungeon a bit easier, as we can trade concentration between bosses and other enemies, yet you’ll also have to quarrel over who gets to keep a equipment in any chest.

One of a other reasons we kept delving into a Gungeon was since we indispensable to see what secrets it held. For example, an puzzling NPC talks with we by a abrade in a ground, seeking “Have anything to offer?” Another room has many tombs, presumably holding a bodies of depressed foes, around a puzzling altar. One of a shopkeepers seems to pronounce some translatable visitor language. There were even some NPC’s who we saved from certain hazard in a inlet who we never saw again, yet I’m certain they’re sneaking somewhere low in a darkened corners of a randomly-generated Gungeon.

Enter a Gungeon is an comprehensive masterpiece of a genre. Though it substantially won’t modify anyone who’s isn’t already a fan of Roguelikes due to a strenuous difficulty, we see myself spending a lot of time creation my approach to a bottom of a Gungeon in a future.


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