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Elon Musk has good ambience in video games

For someone who’s built his sovereignty on innovative and strange ideas, billionaire and CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk certain does have an ordinary gaming recommendation: Overwatch. Still, if we can’t be groundbreaking, during slightest be right.

In an talk posted to a YouTube channel Y Combinator, Musk was asked by a interviewer to suggest a new video diversion to play. Musk’s response was Overwatch though blank a beat. His runner-up was Hearthstone, suggesting that one of Blizzard’s many dedicated fans is one of a wealthiest group in a world.

A handful of other games are given some adore in a post-interview contention as well. Musk apparently has churned feelings about final year’s Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, though formed on recommendations from a interviewing staff, his subsequent diversion might really good be The Last of Us.

This would get a billionaire on a The Last of Us bandwagon only in time for a arriving The Last of Us Part II.

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