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WWE 2K14

It’s been a formidable transition from current-gen hardware to next-gen for a lot of a yearly sports franchises, nonetheless these titles seem to tumble into one of dual categories. Some array are holding a plea head-on, while others are perplexing desperately not to stone a boat, with hopes of roving out whatever call of movement they’ve built adult over a final 7 years to tarry their final current-gen entry.

WWE 2K14 falls in a latter category. Even holding events like a outrageous publisher change into consideration, it feels like a authorization is usually prepared for current-gen to be over and finished with and is biding a time.

It’s not that WWE 2K14 is a bad experience. we still had a lot of fun with this year’s chronicle of WWE’s annual gaming series, nonetheless a lot of a facilities and ideas seem stale, with tiny creation in any of a modes. The same glitches and AI shortcomings that seem to provoke a diversion year in and year out persist—Extreme Rules matches remaining counterfests where wrestlers usually keep ripping whatever arms they have out of any other’s hands and doing no genuine damage, players ostensible to mix by a ropes instead of climbing over them, or impression models looking like they’re floating off a pad when we go for a pin.

A ideal instance of a good-for-nothing proceed taken to this year’s diversion is a WWE Universe mode. This choice is so old-fashioned that it still lists a Wednesday-night uncover as WWE Superstars, even nonetheless it’s now WWE Main Event and Superstars has been relegated to an Internet-only uncover on Friday nights. The usually genuine further to a mode this year is a Rivalry feature, where we can change storylines to force wrestlers to face any other—with varying stipulations—week in and week out. It’s unequivocally usually a tiny customization underline that doesn’t do many for a knowledge as a whole–and serves to supplement some-more confusion to a user interface that’s already in unfortunate need of an overhaul.

Sure, it’s still engaging to emanate a character—or take control of one of your favorites—and put them by a paces of a year in a WWE and see if we can turn tip dog. But how about we enhance this into NXT, a WWE’s developmental promotion? You could start as a rookie and unequivocally work your approach adult or learn new moves by a mentor, usually like on a show. This could give us a possibility to tell a many longer, some-more minute story than we could before. And can we during slightest get a report of shows right? Yes, we can emanate a own, nonetheless let’s during slightest start from an accurate default.

While on a theme of formulating things, we do have to contend that while nothing’s unequivocally altered with a character, entrance, moveset, or arena-creator modes, zero unequivocally had to, either. we can’t suppose these being any improved than they already are, besides maybe charity some-more options with larger detail. Hopefully, that will come with some of a combined horsepower subsequent year. The WWE series is famous for carrying one of a best creator suites in a industry—and that, during a unequivocally least, stays in primitive condition.

Something that has seen some changes, however, is a story mode. Last year told a story of a Attitude Era, while this year brings us 30 Years of WrestleMania. The vital concentration of this mode revolves around reliving 46 epic matches from 3 decades of a many widespread code in wrestling, perplexing to lift off a same iconic moments that done these matches classics to start with: Hogan bodyslamming Andre during Wrestlemania III, Stone Cold Steve Austin refusing to daub to Bret Hart in WrestleMania 13 (one of my personal favorites), all a approach adult to John Cena contra The Rock from usually final year.

Hardcore wrestling fans will be means to commend this is usually an prolongation of final year’s mode, nonetheless instead of focusing on one specific time duration (which also happens to be a shortest section here to forestall too many crossover), it draws from a WWE’s prolonged history. It also conjures adult a lot of memories of 2009’s WWE’s Legends of WrestleMania game—mostly early on—in regards to a matches selected and a objectives given. It was like déjà vu; we had this consistent feeling I’d already played half a mode before we even started it. However, it’s still tremendously fun to relive so many selected moments, and it serves as a good training apparatus for younger wrestling fans—or a outing down memory line for comparison ones.

But there’s a lot some-more to 30 Years of Wrestlemania than usually reliving a best matches of yesteryear. Another choice in a mode is severe “The Streak.” Here, you’re presented with dual choices: Defeat a mythological Undertaker during WrestleMania, where his AI’s been amped adult to near-impossible levels to offer we a truest exam of your wrestling skills, or play as a Undertaker in a ultimate Gauntlet compare opposite a whole WWE roster.

The Gauntlet compare choice sounds many worse than it is, though. Most combatants don’t unequivocally start to put adult a quarrel until you’ve separated during slightest 25 guys, and a Undertaker recovers his health after any five. A measure is reserved in possibly option, giving a whole mode a unequivocally arcade-like feel; it’s a good change of gait from a rest of a simulation-heavy game. But unless we turn spooky with bettering your score, this mode sorely lacks any replay value. Even a formidable Undertaker can be countered after we learn his timing, and a Gauntlet compare can take tighten to an hour for any runthrough of a roster, that is distant too prolonged for anything to be deemed truly “arcadey.”

WWE 2K14 is a decent opening into a series, nonetheless it lacks any changes that could assistance a authorization stay totally uninformed and fun; this feels like a mailed-in bid before a appearance of next-gen. The customization options we’ve come to know and adore are still here to element a many strong register of old-school and stream wrestlers yet. It usually feels like a altogether display and WWE Universe mode need to see a same spit-and-polish bid that goes into story mode any year.

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