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The Last of Us: Left Behind

I’ll make we a promise: There will be no spoilers in this review. Left Behind is an additional bit of account combined to a story of The Last of Us, and articulate about anything that happens—or how it happens—could hurt a experience.

The problem is, that also means this is a examination that’ll be scarcely unfit to strength out in a extensive approach reviews routinely are.

Here are a many specific things that I’ll exhibit about this square of single-player-focused DLC, and they’re all things that were already settled prolonged ago. (So, unless you’re on sum media blackout, nothing of this will spoil anything.) Left Behind is a story of Ellie and Riley, a crony that Ellie mentions early in The Last of Us. What unfolds here shows us a impulse in time in their lives before Joel stairs into a picture, kicking off Ellie’s cross-country journey. You control Ellie. There will substantially be fungus-infected enemies during some point.

And that’s it!

Left Behind is an romantic float for a series of reasons. we mean, that’s not startling entrance from a group who done The Last of Us—they seem to be flattering good during that whole “depth in storytelling” thing. It’s a opposite kind of tension than a categorical apportionment of a game, though. To be clear, Left Behind isn’t improved (or worse) since it focuses on dual immature girls perplexing to figure out how to tarry in a world, contra a hardened, decrepit comparison male and a starting-to-become-hardened teenager. It’s different—and opposite can infrequently be really enjoyable.

And, indeed, there’s a lot that’s enjoyable. There’s a impulse in Left Behind unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a diversion before, something both totally elementary and amazingly complex. It’s a impulse that shows since a group during Naughty Dog walked divided with so many accolades recently during a 2014 D.I.C.E. awards. A impulse that—if we competence be a bit overdramatic—shows we that games can positively be some-more than they mostly get credit for, and can do something, due to their interactivity, that no other form of storytelling can do.

Left Behind also does something that we need DLC to do: It justifies itself. we cite to stay divided from post-launch expansions, since we don’t wish to support a thought of pulling calm to after sell separately, or a tacking on of unneeded calm after to make money. Left Behind expands on a story of The Last of Us in directions that we cared about, and in ways that wouldn’t have done clarity had they been partial of a initial release. In a grand intrigue of things, we aren’t blank out on something that was indispensable in The Last of Us if we skip out on Left Behind. This is some-more like sitting down with your friends for pizza after a outing to a entertainment park and articulate about all of a fun that we had—it’s a good approach to put a final finale indicate on a good day.

However, if you’re entrance during this DLC some-more for a gameplay than a story, you’ll be disappointed. Yes, there are rivalry encounters, and they’re flattering crafty in providing some new twists—but they’re few and distant between in a tour that takes, during most, dual to 3 hours to clear. Left Behind is about scrutiny in each clarity of a word. Go in bargain what this is—and what it isn’t.

There’s one other impulse in Left Behind I feel compelled to speak about, one that we have to be intensely deceptive about. There’s something that happens—an movement that a impression takes—that left me conflicted. At a same time, we both tenderly welcomed a attainment and wished that it had never happened. When we get there, you’ll know what we mean, and we can’t wait to see how others conflict when they knowledge a stage in doubt for themselves.

At a finish of it all, all comes down to one question: Is Left Behind worth a $14.99 cost tag? Taken only as gameplay, that’s tough. Taken as an altogether experience, it’s an easier decision, yet one that will be rarely personal. The Last of Us didn’t need Left Behind, and if we never play it, that diversion will still be each bit as good as it was before this DLC was released.

I’m blissful that we got a possibility to play Left Behind, though. I’m blissful it exists, and we feel that my confront with The Last of Us is a improved for it. And I’m blissful that we now live in a universe where a cube of calm like Left Behind can exist in a initial place.

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