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Ridge Racer Slipstream

When it comes to arcade-style racing games, few have proven as secure as Ridge Racer. Over 3 decades of existence, a array has permeated scarcely each gaming height imaginable, including mobile. With a authorization returning to a infrequent height for a initial time given 2010, however, Namco Bandai knew they’d need a lot some-more than code approval to overcome a tarnish customarily compared with app-based racers.

Ridge Racer Slipstream tries to overcome this by doing a best to broach all we’ve come to design from a series—simply pared down in sequence to fit phone and inscription parameters. From a second a diversion starts and authorization mascot Reiko Nagase’s introduction video plays, Slipstream looks and sounds like so many other Ridge Racer games before it, even if it looks like a somewhat comparison diversion in a array due to a technical limitations.

Slipstream also facilities a lot of standard arcade-racer motifs, such as made-up cars that need flapping to fill adult a nitro bar that can assistance we speed by a game’s illusory tracks. The suggested “Slipstream” underline adds some emergence of strategy: You can benefit speed by drafting behind cars, and a special pitch on a HUD appears to let we know usually how good you’re staying on your opponent’s tail. In a end, though, it’s all about removing initial place after 3 laps in sequence to allege by a several tournaments in Career mode.

The diversion offers a ton of options, not usually in how we customize your cars’ demeanour and performance, yet in how we hoop them as well. Four opposite control schemes are available—two with a touchscreen, and dual by sloping your device. we found regulating a iPad itself and sloping it all over a place reminded me of a good aged days in a arcade when I’d lay in a padded chair in a pod and squeeze an tangible steering wheel. we usually wish I’d had a mount we could’ve complacent a iPad on, given we got sleepy of holding it adult after a while and had to change a control scheme. we found all a options manageable and accurate when it came to how we wanted my automobile to handle, though, so it’s all a matter of personal preference, really.

Unfortunately, while Slipstream might offer a lot of options to expostulate with, there’s not a lot here for we to indeed drive. Only a dozen cars and 10 marks (20 if we count counterpart options) are accessible by a single-player mode’s 108 races. And while a game’s $2.99 cost tab doesn’t aver a numbers you’d get from loyal console or arcade racers, it’s a bit too measly a series to leave me satisfied.

Besides cars and tracks, there’s also not most to a diversion over single-player. Sure, we can check out time trials and use amicable facilities to share with your friends and let them know how you’re doing, yet that’s it. The miss of a loyal contra mode unequivocally puts a tighten on a replayabilty.

The misfortune partial about a game, though, is a microtransactions. To be fair, Namco Bandai has designed Slipstream so that players can kick a whole diversion yet spending a singular cent some-more than a initial download price, that is odd in racing apps. It usually becomes a bit of a duty after usually a few races, given a diversion encourages players to spend income to clear some-more cars, some-more parts, some-more tracks, or consumables like nitro boosts to assistance win races. And there is, of course, a two-currency complement that thatch several of a improved cars behind a “premium” (harder to acquire) option. we conclude a fact that a microtransactions aren’t necessary, yet Slipstream sure does try to make it tempting.

Ridge Racer Slipstream is substantially one of a improved racing apps out there, yet that’s not indispensably observant much. The tangible act of racing is fun, and a control options are a good touch—almost everybody should find one they’re gentle with. The diversion also pays loyalty to prior Ridge Racers by progressing a series’ demeanour and feel. But, like so many other mobile racers, microtransactions can mess-up a fun. And with so few car, track, and mode options, it’s easy to tire of a knowledge quickly. If you’re usually looking for something to kill a few mins a day and don’t mind a grind, though, Ridge Racer Slipstream is a decent value for a squeeze price.

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