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Pokémon Conquest

Since a “Gotta Catch ‘em All” superfad days of a late ’90s, Pokemon’s been a gaming tack that’s transcended audiences due to a addictive, turn-based RPG bottom and a cute, family-friendly amusement and themes. But like all good Nintendo money cows, it also needs to mangle divided from a regulation any once in a while in sequence to presumably strech new audiences (and wallets). That’s what led to a origination of a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon spin-off, after all—and to a diversion we’re looking during today.

Pokémon Conquest is a cranky between a slot monsters we know and adore and a classical Tecmo Koei plan array Nobunaga’s Ambition, that tasks players with ordering feudal Japan underneath one banner. In this game, you’re a newest daimyo in a land of Ransei, a Japanese-inspired realm. Along with your constant pet Eevee, you’ll build an army comprised of a best Pokémon trainers in a land in sequence to conquer a 17 other daimyos and order Ransei. Each daimyo, usually like in all a other Pokémon games, battles regulating themes formed around specific forms of Pokémon—and, with 17 daimyos to conquer, you’re certain to see any form represented once.

But if you’re awaiting a normal Pokémon diversion over those aspects, you’ll be sorely disappointed. The Pokémon we swing are simply collection to lift out macro and micro strategies on a gridlike battlefield. In fact, Pokémon traditionalists competence good be irritated by a gameplay. But if we can demeanour past what this diversion isn’t and concentration some-more on what it is, you’ll find a deep, well-polished, fascinating plan offering.

The bulk of a tangible gameplay sees we positioning your Pokémon around a field, relocating them block by block in customary strategy-game conform and afterwards possibly selecting to attack, reason your position, or use an item, that reminded me of a bad man’s Fire Emblem. One downside to this, though, is that any Pokémon usually has one conflict pierce instead of a normal four. That means that once we select to attack, your spin with that Pokémon is all yet over. For a diversion revolving around strategy, stealing that classical Pokémon component is rather puzzling. That, and when—or if—a Pokémon evolves roughly seems to come during random, as a leveling-up complement we know and adore has also been transposed by a Pokémon’s “strength rating” and a scale measuring a attribute with their particular trainer.

The biggest pivotal to success in Pokémon Conquest, though, is that instead of capturing new Pokémon, we partisan new trainers and their specific Pokémon to your means and build your army up. This is an engaging dynamic, as we can quarrel with adult to 6 Pokemon per turn; once we strech a extent of 6 trainers in your party, though, you’ll need to start distributing other trainers to formerly cowed lands. But given any land can also usually reason 6 trainers during a time, you’re really singular in who we can or can’t recruit—and this will certainly perplex players used to perplexing to finish their Pokédex (now transposed by a common gallery) and carrying as many Pokéballs they could buy and afterwards usually storing them in a large PC.

Though a Pokémon tag competence be somewhat disingenuous, Conquest does offer a novel, beguiling take on a plan genre—and a Pokémon code also gives a traditionally hardcore plan genre a jot of accessibility to a wider audience. If a wider Pokémon fanbase can demeanour past a few extraordinary decisions in regards to this peculiar authorization marriage, they’ll find a clever plan pretension that should yield some serious obsession in a possess right.

SUMMARY: Another plain Pokémon spin-off, yet revolutionary fans will fast skip most of a gameplay from a categorical series.

  • THE GOOD: Interesting mix of turn-based plan elements with Pokémon.
  • THE BAD: Hardcore Pokémon fans will skip a normal throwing and leveling aspects of a categorical series.
  • THE UGLY: Some of a simplest turn pattern you’ll ever see.

Pokémon Conquest is a Nintendo DS exclusive.     

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