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Need for Speed: The Run

Growing up, Burt Reynolds films were always a guilty pleasure of mine, and few have desirous some-more “someone ought to make a diversion outta that movie” gibberish than a mythological Cannonball Run series. And while EA didn’t accurately bombard out a money to make an tangible protected product, they did a subsequent best thing and ripped off a core concept, fused it with The Fast and a Furious, and congested a judgment into a 18th entrance in a Need for Speed series: The Run.

You play a purpose of Jackson “Jack” Rourke, who’s recently found himself in low with a horde and, after hooking adult with an aged business associate, finds himself staked in a “greatest competition ever assembled” in a hopes that his cut of a $25 million purse will get him out of trouble, and while he and his costars skip a attract of Burt, Dom, Jackie, and a crew, The Run’s try during integrating a plain story into a customary speedster adds a new dimension to a races themselves that we couldn’t assistance though appreciate. we wasn’t accurately blow divided with a turn of formation developer Black Box supposing during times, as many of a story comes in a form of painfully prolonged quicktime events or sore prerace overlays, though we unequivocally dignified a attempt. If they can adult a ante on integration, they could unequivocally be onto something here.

The story also gets a large assisting palm from a art team’s impossibly articulated environments, representing tons of locales between San Francisco and New York City, all of that advantage from a substantial energy of DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine. You’ll bake by swarming city streets, slight nation roads, and fraudulent towering passes so crowded of extraordinary obstacles, obstructions, and those annoying po-po that you’ll mostly skip a fact that these are some of a slickest backdrops a array has ever offered.

Beyond a landscape, there’s also a good understanding of accumulation in a tangible structure of a marks and a racing surfaces themselves, though we mostly wished a races were longer, mostly since a game’s accursed with approach too many transitory menus. A postrace screen, followed by a story slide, followed by a loading screen, followed by an area preview video, followed by a loading screen, followed by a 10-minute snooze and lots of snoring… OK, we don’t snore, though seriously, Black Box, tie adult a pacing, would ya?

Luckily, a large uncover itself is ruin on wheels. Races are packaged with impossibly parsimonious controls and an refreshing clarity of speed, and we fast mislaid count of a array of nail-biting near-misses and brilliantly separate defenses we was means to amass in my cross-country journey. The Run also offers a slew of opposite modes in a core campaign, trimming from traffic-laden time trials to high-pressure conflict races to keep we busy, and a time unequivocally flies when you’re in a thick of things.

Couple this with a horde of online options from “Autolog” leaderboard hurdles among friends and a horde of tradition head-to-head modes for adult to 16 players that can be packaged into singular “playlists”—where a allure of unlockable rewards adds a ton to a appeal—and you’ve got a garage full of racing goodies that’ll keep we blazing rubber for hours on end.

And that’s only it. Need for Speed: The Run is a solid, discriminating product that’s a bit severe around a edges on occasion, though not so most that it takes divided from a core experience, that is increased by a plain storyline and strong array of online options that creates it one of my favorite entries in a array to date. If you’re looking for an arcade racer with a lot of peep and a speed to match, give The Run a spin. It’s good ride.

SUMMARY: A story-driven racer with a ton of style, Need for Speed: The Run is a good further to a array and an intriguing spin on a racing genre that’s unequivocally value a test-drive.

  • THE GOOD: Cool story, accurate gameplay, and a ton of online options
  • THE BAD: Too many transitory screens, unsure tract integration
  • THE UGLY: The occasional assistance menu that pops adult before a hairpin turn

Need for Speed: The Run is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and PC. Primary chronicle reviewed was on a Xbox 360.

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