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Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

We all know by now that holding a movie, TV show, or comic book and perplexing to spin it into a diversion frequency works. More mostly than not, it ends adult being a outrageous disaster that conjunction fans nor developers finish adult happy with. Occasionally, though, someone hits it out of a park and a risk pays off. One media skill that’s still perplexing to strike gaming bullion is Family Guy.

We’d rather brush games like Back to a Multiverse underneath a carpet than applaud them, so Fox looked to change a series’ digital fitness like they did with a Griffins’ Animation Domination cohorts, a Simpsons, and Tapped Out. Instead of EA Mobile, Fox tapped (no joke intended) TinyCo, a creator of TinyMonsters, to move a mobile digital series to Quahog. Instead of violation new ground, though, they simply motionless to withdraw what’s already been finished over in Springfield.

Right from a get-go, we can tell that Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is a CO duplicate of The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Sure, some teenager tweaks are present, like a story and characters apparently tailored to fit Family Guy, yet starting with Peter and Ernie a Giant Chicken destroying Quahog in their latest fight a same approach that Homer broken Springfield by vouchsafing a energy plant have a meltdown, this is only another free-to-play city builder with some Sunday-night flair.

The gameplay consists of rebuilding Quahog in any approach we hold fit. You’ll be laying down roads, rebuilding houses and businesses from a show, and promulgation your favorite characters off to do several tasks in an try to acquire banking to build adult Quahog bigger and improved than it was before. If we don’t wish to wait for an hour for Chris to finish picking his nose or 6 hours for Mort to do Peter’s taxes, we can use real-world income to buy reward banking or “clams” to make everybody roughly instantly finish what they’re doing. The app also facilities a amicable aspect (explained as being partial of Stewie’s multiverse) where we can entice your Facebook friends to join—and, if they do, we can revisit their singular Quahogs and acquire additional income and XP.

The boon of hoarding income and visiting friends is hopefully forwarding a “story” of rebuilding Quahog and unlocking some strange animation and dialogue. The amusement here is really a splendid mark if we adore a show, and Quest for Stuff even introduces a possess set of zany, one-off characters, yet we would’ve desired some some-more voice behaving besides a prerecorded one-liners that get steady constantly.

A vital disproportion between Quest for Stuff and that other Fox animated-sitcom-inspired city builder is that any impression also has reward costumes that give them a new set of actions. Performing specific activities or carrying sold buildings also gives we bonuses to clear even some-more costumes. Peter sauce as a “lady of a night,” Quagmire stripping down to a Speedo, and Lois going commando (not that kind of commando—like a soldier) are only some of a conflicting outfits available.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff also tries harder not to spin into a diversion where you’re constantly watchful for quests to finish up. You frequency have to continue 12- and 24-hour tasks in sequence to finish quests that allege a diversion as we continue to clear some-more of Quahog’s singular denizens and structures. This is a double-edged sword, though, given we also found that my Quahog got really close really quickly. we was constructing buildings faster than we was unlocking land—the accurate conflicting emanate we mostly face in Tapped Out.

Despite a vivid miss of originality, The Quest for Stuff isn’t a bad diversion if we simply take it for what’s it worth: a free-to-play pretension that’s good for murdering 5 to 10 mins on your lunch break. But it won’t get we by a prolonged craft flight. It won’t kill all that time squandered sitting during a DMV. It won’t get we by that tedious assembly during work as we fake to take records on your iPad.

But dropping into your possess digital Quahog for a integrate of mins a day will substantially give we a much-needed grin as Bonnie twerks for approach too prolonged on a backyard stripper pole, Quagmire lets his pet gerbil loose, and Peter stuffs his face during a internal burger joint. If you’re a fan of Family Guy (and deliberation we don’t have to spend any income on this), there are substantially a lot worse things holding adult space on your mobile device’s tough expostulate right now.

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