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EA Chief Creative Officer Says Videogames Not Yet Mass Market

Speaking to Games Industry, EA CCO Richard Hilleman announced that while video games competence be some-more mainstream afterwards ever, they by no means have mass marketplace appeal.

“We have to make certain that diversion companies know what a mass marketplace unequivocally is,” Hilleman told Games Industry. “We’re not one yet. The closest thing we’ve had to a mass market, frankly, has been a amicable and mobile spaces. From my perspective, radio is a mass marketplace and we’re a fringe. The plea in front of us is, does a patron consider about it that way? Do they see us as so graphic we can’t combine those dual experiences?”

Hilleman’s solution? Finding a approach to move a dual together: connected TV—smart TV, if we prefer. Having televisions with integrated media services that act functionally identical to smartphones. Which, deliberation Hilleman’s lukewarm regard for “social and mobile spaces,” seems in line with his interests.

EA has experimented with violation into a intelligent TV stage before, aligning themselves with Samsung and LG and building an app for intelligent TVs. None of their efforts so far, however, have unequivocally stuck.

Hilleman spoke to Games Industry while in a U.K. to broach a keynote debate during TV Connect (formerly famous as a IPTTV Industry Awards).

Source: Games Industry

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