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E3 2014: Fenix Rage

Reverb Triple XP
Green Lava Studios
XB1, PS4, PC
Release Date

Imagine a brightly colored 2D side-scroller inspired, in no tiny part, by a compress turn designs and precision-based speed of Super Meat Boy, chuck in some cookies and a unpredictability of rivalry and barrier patterns that keep relocating when we die and reset to a start point, and you’ve got Green Lava Studios’ Fenix Rage—a dangerously addictive platformer that pushes your buttons in all a right ways.

Fenix Rage stays as clever and as work-inhibitive as when initial introduced to me during PAX East. Had a demo not resolved after a second theatre and new trainer quarrel shown this time around, we think engineer and programmer Eduardo Ramírez would’ve indispensable to kindly examine a controller from my hands and chaperon me, sulking, to my subsequent appointment underneath a chaperoning caring of one of my co-workers. It’s not that Fenix Rage is extravagantly and welcomingly innovative that it left my smarts intoxicated to a ceiling. Rather, it’s that among an ever-growing series of games that preference complexity by a apportion of gameplay mechanics, Fenix Rage burns a small brighter for gripping things elementary and iterating only adequate on something informed that it becomes mouth-watering all over again, tantalizing repeat rapid-fire replays that never feel like second (or third, or fourth, or fifth, or sixth) attempts.

Every death—and there’s copiousness if we aren’t versed with evil hand-eye coordination—sends a actor behind to a start of a stage, though nothing of a dancing rivalry patterns reset themselves. They sojourn constantly moving, leaping adult and down, shifting left and right. Pattern memorization isn’t totally abandoned, though it’s not during all a arguable solution, given any given run can differ almost from a final attempt. This carries over to trainer fights, too. It took me an annoying series of deaths before we satisfied that a boss, seamlessly, would reset itself to to block one whenever we went down. With one teenager tweak to a formula, Ramírez and a rest of Green Lava Studios have come adult with a approach to keep in a destroy state of sorts, though not make it punishing, and in a routine ratchet adult a tension, withdrawal players—or me, during least—hunched brazen with determination.


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