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Dragon Age writer teases trusted new project


BioWare and EA are operative on a tip new game, according to a chatter from Dragon Age writer Mark Darrah.

The video shows a red book embossed with what appears to be an picture of a fiery wolf situated above a rook. Though that specific picture has no apparent tie to prior BioWare games, a Dread Wolf is a name for Fen’Harel, a elven God of betrayal, in Dragon Age’s lore. The book’s initial page reads, “Internal use only” and “Property of BioWare/EA” alongside a EA logo. The producer’s privacy interconnected with a unrecognizable trademark hints during an unannounced project.

The provoke follows a chatter Darrah done progressing this year seeking if players would ever wish to play a Dragon Age Tactics game. At a time, Darrah pronounced that a diversion would be identical to XCOM or Fire Emblem titles.

BioWare also started livestreaming video of a crow that has nested outward of a studio’s office. It’s not transparent if it is related with any arriving or past games, though it’s value observant that, during a time of writing, a Dragon Age: Inquisition soundtrack was personification over a stream.

Source: GameSpot

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