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Doom’s latest trailer is all about carrying it your way

Doom monster

Doom‘s latest trailer looks during a actor course complement that rewards copiousness of weapon, armor, and apparatus perks, hearkening behind to a life before customization meant carrying to flare out money for each singular item.

Id Software’s grounds is simple: Do good and you’ll clear new equipment to assistance demonstrate your ability and individuality. The trailer previews several superb concepts though rewards adequate calm to emanate a impression as badass or as incompatible as we want.

You can also look during a few of Doom‘s penetrate modules: transmutable perks that supplement bonuses such as saying an enemy’s health or displaying respawn timers for in-game object pickups, among others. Finally, as it wouldn’t be a FPS but violating a Geneva Conventions, a few taunts are also enclosed in a trailer.

Doom launches May 13th on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, with an open beta starting Apr 15th.

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