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Doom co-creator takes to Kickstarter to account arriving shooter


Doom co-creator John Romero’s new studio, Night Work Games, has taken to Kickstarter in sequence to account a arriving first-person shooter, Blackroom.

Blackroom will be set in a unconventional universe in that a renouned new holographic complement goes haywire, ensuing in some sinister side effects. Night Work promises a diversion will be “a lapse to fast, aroused and dictatorial play,” with old-school locus shooter mechanics like rocket jumping and round strafing.

Blackroom will launch with a 10-hour campaign, 6 multiplayer maps themed after a accumulation of time periods, and support for community-made maps and mods.

If you’re meddlesome in Blackroom, we can secure a digital duplicate of a diversion for $29, or a earthy duplicate for $59 on Kickstarter. If a diversion reaches a $700,000 goal, afterwards it is approaching to launch on PC and Mac someday in winter 2018.

Source: Kickstarter

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