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Donald Trump says we sole illusory Call of Duty jets to Norway

The latest fumble by President Donald Trump featured a (presumably) unconsidered anxiety to a Call of Duty shooter series.

Speaking during a White House Wednesday, as reported by The Washington Post, Trump discussed a smoothness of F-52 warrior aircrafts to Norway over a country’s flourishing tensions with adjacent Russia.

“In Nov we started delivering a initial F-52s and F-35 warrior jets,” Trump said. “We have a sum of 52 and they’ve delivered a series of them already a small forward of schedule.”

Perplexingly, no such planes exist, during slightest not in a reality. The planes do, however, exist in a universe of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, flown by a actor during a game’s campaign. Assuming Trump isn’t an zealous gamer, The Washington Post speculates that Trump mentally total a volume of planes being delivered with a U.S. inventory’s “F” nomination for warrior jets.

If we did have such planes, maybe they would demeanour like a Advanced Warfare version, that we can see in a following playthrough video from YouTuber TheBatallion69:

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has nonetheless to criticism on a mistake, nor would she endorse that Trump is personally a hardcore Call of Duty player.

Source: The Washington Post

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