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Division players are prejudiced toward jumping jacks and assisting those in need, according to infographic


With Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s Incursion refurbish dropping any time now, publisher Ubisoft has expelled an infographic detailing some feats and preferences of a millions of Division agents that have scoured a streets of New York for a past month.

The striking radically speaks for itself, though one notable statistic listed is that a classical AK-47 was a many renouned primary arms among players. This is not surprising—quite a opposite, in fact—considering a high-end versions of this arms tend to understanding some-more repairs than any other and are mostly a usually arms in players’ hands when duking it out in a game’s Dark Zone PvP arena.

Released in tandem with this infographic was a Incursion update’s initial central trailer. The trailer recaps most of a information already reliable for a refurbish such as player-to-player trade and Dark Zone supply drops, though one new thing it offers is a small discernment into a new Incursion’s backstory. The Incursion goal is an intensely difficult, 4-player plea patrician Falcon Lost. According to a trailer, this pretension is formed on a organisation of JTF soldiers, designated Falcon squad, who went blank perplexing to take behind a H2O diagnosis facility, and now their charge falls on the shoulders.

Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s Incursion refurbish launches, tomorrow, Apr 12th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Ubisoft

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