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Die Hard executive behind a Ghost Recon Wildlands live-action trailer

Die Hard director John McTiernan led a assign on a recent live-action Ghost Recon Wildlands trailer.

The appointment was minute in a news by Vulture that discusses a method of events that led to McTiernan descending out of Hollywood’s preference so abruptly. Despite his work on several successful projects, a new Ghost Recon trailer is a initial directing work McTiernan has finished in scarcely 14 years.

This endless recess from a attention was due to a executive removing charged with dual depends of fibbing to a sovereign officer. This was tied in with the box around Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano which complicated McTiernan’s box so much, it was brought adult to a Supreme Court who refused to hear it, resulting in him spending a year in prison.

So far, a director’s work seems to effectively constraint a tactical feel of a game, so it stays to be seen how his work with a array will continue. Perhaps McTiernan is also concerned in the arriving 30-minute live movement Wildlands feature, premiering on Feb 16th.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is slated to launch Mar 7th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Players can try it out first in a game’s arriving beta.

Source: Vulture

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