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Did a categorical knave of Injustice 2 only leak?

A inventory for Injustice 2 on a PlayStation Store might have outed a game’s categorical knave forward of schedule.

As speckled by countless fans, including Spidernick810 on Twitter, a pre-order page for Netherrealm’s DC superhero fighting diversion recently went live, divulgence a pre-order reward along with it: a event “to play as Darkseid, one of a biggest villains in a universe.”

While a page has given been updated to mislay any discuss of playable Darkseid, many people were means to save images of a page before a content in doubt was pulled.

Injustice 2 Darkseid

For those who aren’t in a know, Darkseid is a classical DC villain, one of a New Gods introduced into a criterion behind in a ’70s. As a heartless ruler of a world Apokalips, he’s prolonged been one of a deadliest foes of Superman and a Justice League. That he was absent from a strange Injustice is surprising, and he was deliberate a complicated favorite to join a Injustice 2 roster, given he’s been teased to join a live-action DC films.

Given that a pre-order content privately records that Darkseid will be playable during launch, it’s wholly probable if not likely, that he’ll play a essential purpose in a story. After all, who would be improved matched to be a game’s categorical knave than one of a biggest villains in DC history?

We’re expected to find out some-more this week. DC, Netherrealm, and Sony have been teasing a new trailer for recover on Tuesday, Jan 17th, so stay tuned for some-more sum then.

Injustice 2 launches May 16th on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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