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Did Blizzard fat-shame Mei in a latest Overwatch event?

A new anniversary eventuality was recently introduced to Overwatch, and everybody knows what that means: time to protest about Mei.

The eventuality is patrician Year of a Rooster, celebrating a Chinese New Year, and as with all anniversary events several characters perceived new skins and other themed bonuses. Defense impression Mei is one of a heroes receiving new Legendary outfits. As a impression of Chinese nationality, it is suitable for her to get skins honoring a heritage, though a problem arose when people saw what a outfits did to her “curvy” physique.

While not indispensably a vast character, Mei is modeled with a bit some-more to adore than many other heroes. This physique distance has been unchanging in all of a character’s prior swap skins, though her Chinese-themed Luna and Chang’e skins uncover her with a most smaller waist. Blizzard’s village manager has explained that this is a bug, responding to gripes on a game’s central forum by people with clearly zero improved to do.

“There’s a bug with Mei’s Luna and Chang’e skins right now that’s causing her waist to seem most smaller than normal. We’ve already bound a bug internally, though it’s going to need a patch to exercise (ideally it’ll be enclosed in whatever subsequent patch hits your gaming platform).”

Some fans are not assured this was unintentional, however, citing a character’s newly dull posterior as revealing of distant motives.

While Blizzard sorts that out, along with other bugs like D.Va descending by Ecopoint: Antartica, fans can continue to suffer all else a Year of a Rooster eventuality has to offer, such as a game’s initial Capture a Flag mode.

Source: VG 24/7

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