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Devil May Cry creator says DMC5 should take after God of War

The executive of a strange Devil May Cry recently common his viewpoint that series’ subsequent installment could advantage from a reboot of a mechanics, not distinct a one undertaken by a arriving God of War.

In an apparent instance of meditative out shrill on Twitter, Devil May Cry director Hideki Kamiya due a thought of reworking a core gameplay of Devil May Cry for a subsequent game, creation a fight some-more picturesque and grounded. Kamiya mentions a changes found in this year’s upcoming God of War as a reference, with a adoption of an over-the-shoulder viewpoint and a dismissal of a burst duty as important deviations from a series’ determined format.

One fan asked if this open speculation was indeed an bid to stealthily gibe God of War for creation such a extreme automatic shift. Kamiya denied this, saying that a new God of War “looks great.”

When asked if DMC should take it one step serve with an open-world design, or hang with a contemporary linear progression, Kamiya voiced that he simply wants something new and exciting, whatever that might be.

Fans should be wakeful that Kamiya has not worked on a Devil May Cry plan given 2001, so presumption he is not on a new one, he is articulate some-more as a fan than a developer. Since Kamiya, a array has been destined by Hideaki Itsuno. Itsuno is not nonetheless reliable to be operative on a rumored Devil May Cry 5, though a developer did acquire us to expect his subsequent diversion proclamation soon, so we can suppose what that will expected be.

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