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Details on initial Battlefield 1 DLC entrance soon

Battlefield 1‘s They Shall Not Pass enlargement has been teased for several weeks, though a DLC’s full exhibit is finally about to happen.

Only preceding information is now famous about a expansion, such as a ubiquitous themes of a maps that will be set during a ancestral Battle of Verdun. Developer DICE has tweeted out a brief teaser video to prepared fans for a full reveal, exhibiting a infantryman wielding a bar as a vast appurtenance moves behind him. The car in a credentials is believed to be a game’s newest Behemoth vehicle, a large tank that can fit a good commission of a group inside.

Aside from a new maps and Behemoth, fans can design new weapons and dog tags in a DLC as well. DICE has nonetheless to date a expansion’s reveal, simply saying that it is entrance “next week.”

They Shall Not Pass is rising someday in March, though players can benefit entrance dual weeks early if they purchased a Premium Pass.

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