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Destiny’s arriving Crucible changes detailed


Along with all a honeyed rob that is entrance with a Apr Update, Destiny is receiving a brood of changes to a PvP modes.

Announced in Bungie’s weekly live-stream, Community Manager David “Deej” Dague spoke with several members of Destiny‘s pattern group to strew some light on all of a changes nearing in the April Update. From elementary nerfs and buffs to most some-more perplexing balances per special weapons, a lot was lonesome in a ninety-minute stream.


  • Players contingency be closer than before to revitalise a downed teammate
  • The time it takes to revitalise has been somewhat increased, creation it so players can no longer sprint-revive (even while wearing revive-time-decreasing items)
  • The overshield postulated on revitalise is reduction powerful
  • A stacking chastisement will make it longer before players can be regenerated in a compare after any death

Ammo Economy:

  • Once again, all players will start with special ammo
  • To change this, special ammo crates won’t parent until 3 mins into a game, and afterwards dual mins after that


  • The mythological object dump rate has been increased
  • Loot from Shaxx’s weekly annuity can dump during Light Level 335

Auto Rifles:

  • Auto Rifles with a high rate of glow will accept a slight bottom repairs nerf
  • Auto Rifles with a low rate of glow will accept a slight bottom repairs buff

Pulse Rifles:

  • Pulse Rifles with a low rate of glow will accept a slight bottom repairs buff

Hand Cannons:

  • The volume of ammo players can lift will be increasing to forestall players from regulating out of ammo while on a streak

Fusion Rifles:

  • Stability has been increased, ensuing in tighter bursts

Sniper Rifles:

  • Zoom has been “pushed out” to daunt regulating Sniper Rifles during tighten to midst range
  • An additional dual frames of animation have been combined when zooming
  • The Snapshot perk now usually decreases wizz time by 20% instead of 30%
  • Stability has been decreased

MIDA Multi-Tool:

  • The unique High Caliber Rounds perk has been removed

SUROS Regime (Year Two):

  • In further to a clean in repairs for a delayed rate of glow Auto Rifle, Regime will accept a check to it’s “Spinning Up” node
  • Focus glow now boosts range


  • Increase to operation and accuracy

The Last Word:

  • Lower repairs postulated by The Last Word perk


  • Still usually “Year One”
  • Minimized DOT damage
  • Now usually does 4 ticks of repairs instead of six
  • Lowered visible outcome displayed when shot by Thorn


  • Still usually “Year One”
  • Ammo glitch fixed
  • Stability lowered
  • Zoom stretch increased

Dreg’s Promise:

  • Now has improved tracking


  • Projectiles can now insert to Wards of Dawn or accessible targets, though won’t repairs them

1000-Yard Stare:

  • Ammo register reduced

Quillim’s Terminus:

  • Ammo register reduced

Well, that’s a lot of information, eh? What do we consider of a arriving changes? Devastated (like myself) that Icebreaker wasn’t brought into Year Two, or stoked about a walking-bomb intensity of Telesto? Let us know in a comments below!

Source: Bungie on Twitch

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