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Destiny Companion app refurbish will make it easier to find allies


A new refurbish for a Destiny Companion app will make it easier for players to find allies for raids, Nightfall Strikes, and more.

“Whether it lives on your desktop or in a palm of your hand, a Destiny Companion is your entirely operational conflict station,” Bungie writes. “It’s your clubhouse, your art gallery, your vault, and your discuss hall. Of all a ways we can spend time regulating a companion, a one activity that will have a singular biggest impact on your actor knowledge is anticipating new allies to behind we adult in combat. No matter if your enemies are Guardians or aliens, we trust that Destiny is some-more fun with someone examination your back.

“The #Recruitment forum is always there for we to appeal allies, though it’s traditionally been a pell-mell wall of intensity Fireteams. We’ve had some ideas for how that could work better, and we’ve been executing on them. Very soon, we’ll be enhancing a forum with new ways to form adult and hurl out into a Solar System.”


An refurbish to a app on all platforms will make it so recruitment posts arrangement platform, activity, and availability, instead of a confused disaster that it now is. Players also have a choice to filter recruitment messages around a array of dump down menus.

“Once a call to arms has been issued, lay behind and watch your register grow in genuine time,” Bungie adds. “Of course, it will be adult to we to make a in-game connectors indispensable to form adult in a intelligent looking arrangement in circuit over your destination. Fortunately, each user of these facilities will have a form related to an active Guardian in good standing.”

These new facilities are scheduled to go live subsequent week.

Source: Bungie

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