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Destiny 2’s initial large DLC functionally removes calm from a game

In a pierce that is by any reading sincerely scummy, Destiny 2 players are anticipating that a game’s initial DLC has sealed divided previously-accessible content.

Previously, all players were means to run a Leviathan raid on all difficulties, including Prestige difficulty. Now that a game’s Curse of Osiris DLC is out, though, players can’t entrance a Prestige problem of a raid unless they possess a DLC.

This isn’t a initial for a series. Something identical happened in a initial Destiny when it launched a DLC, many particularly with The Taken King. Fans were dissapoint during a time, and fans continue to be dissapoint now that it’s transparent a second diversion is following in a original’s footsteps.

The Curse of Osiris DLC adds a decent volume of calm to a game, including a new raid mode, though players are understandably peeved about wanting to compensate $19.99 to clear calm that was formerly accessible to anyone with a bottom game. Fans have taken to expressing their beating on a game’s subreddit, with one thread reaching over 1,300 comments, and on a central forums.

Whether these complaints will be adequate to squeeze a courtesy of Bungie, however, stays to be seen.

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