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Data-mined files from The Division might change a approach players plantation loot


No diversion is protected in a universe of data-mining fans, and Tom Clancy’s The Division is no difference following the find of vital sum about a game’s dump rate and rob table.

Reddit user Ced23Ric posted a mined information to several websites and supposing his possess relapse of what he discovered. The files embody sum on a Scavenging attribute, drops in a recently combined Falcon Lost Incursion, named arms drops, Dark Zone supply dump prerogative rates, trainer drops, and more, though Ced23Ric warns that some of a information might be “incomplete or inaccurate”.

According to a files, a Scavenging attribute, that is routinely designated by an ambiguous percentage, comes with some conditions. Scavenging usually provides a 10 percent possibility for a third object dump for dark chests and has no outcome on element drops or crates. It also doesn’t impact high-quality drops from named bosses, exclusively augmenting a peculiarity of unnamed trainer drops.

Falcon Lost’s APC trainer drops chest pieces, backpacks, and holsters for 3 of a 4 rigging set types, incompatible Path of a Nomad. Path of a Nomad kneepads and gloves will apparently always be found in a Dark Zone church businessman where players can now collect them up. This information is preceded by a list of specific rigging that can be forsaken by sold categorical goal bosses underneath Challenging difficulty.

The Midas submachine gun and Caduceus attack purloin both have a 5 percent possibility of dropping from named enemies, though a Midas can usually be acquired in a Dark Zone and a Caduceus usually outward of it.

The data-mined information suggested some sum about a game’s newly combined Dark Zone supply drops, such as how they usually offer gloves for a Strikers Battlegear, Sentry’s Call, and Tactician’s Authority rigging sets. All Path of a Nomad pieces can apparently be picked adult from supply drops with a difference of kneepads and holsters. According to a Redditor, one out of each 14 supply drops should dump a rigging set item.

Finally, lists of arriving weekly and daily assignments are available in a files with scheduling from now by Aug and September, respectively. Ced23Ric closes out his outline with rivalry coterie drops rates, detailing a specific loot tables that were recently updated from a strange posting.

Ced23Ric’s summary of a data-mined files is consistently updating as he gains new information for other sources, so fans will wish to keep on eye on it as it evolves.

Source: The Division subreddit

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