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Dark Souls III’s subsequent refurbish fixes NPC quests and Dragonslayer armor

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FromSoftware’s expelled a list of patch records for Dark Souls III‘s latest update, yet a records are in Japanese.

Thankfully, that’s not a problem for a internet. Reddit user Spacemanticore supposing a interpretation right away. From a looks of it, Patch 1.04 is mostly done adult of tiny fixes, including a bug in a query where Siegward would destroy to save Greirat, some issues with reappearing enemies, and a problem in a communication of kicks and parries.

The patch doesn’t have a recover date yet, so it’s substantially still a small ways away. There will positively be an central English interpretation as a patch’s central recover approaches, yet for now, here’s a ubiquitous crux of what to expect:

Dark Souls III Patch 1.04

  • Fixed a bug where we competence not get equipment scrupulously while accessing a compact when a actor joins your game.
  • Some NPCs questline events have been done easier to trigger.
  • Made a requirement for fasten a Rosaria’s Fingers reduction strict.
  • Fixed a bug when teleporting to Untended Graves.
  • Amended an emanate where kicks were being parried.
  • Fixed a bug where Crystal Sage would not re-appear after warping in.
  • Fixed a bug where Dragonslayer Armour would die on a possess before we fight.
  • Fixed a bug where Knight Slayer Tsorig would continue to gesture.
  • Fixed a bug where Siegward would destroy to save Greirat even yet a conditions have been met.
  • Fixed a bug where, when wearing a ring that increases Max HP, a change would not be reflected in some menus.
  • Fixed a bug where a voice discuss idol would uncover (or not show) according to a settings.
  • Fixed a bug where a voice discuss idol would continue to arrangement when HUD arrangement is set to AUTO.
  • (Xbox One) Fixed a bug where we can’t entrance a functions Quit Game, entrance bonfire, or use online play equipment when unwell to bond to an online session.
  • (Xbox One) Fixed a bug where a diversion would pile-up to a pretension shade when we destroy to bond to an online session.
  • Fine tuned several other things, excellent balance performance, and corrected several bugs.

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