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Cyberpunk 2077 breaks four-year overpower with one word

We’ve been watchful a prolonged time for news about Cyberpunk 2077. The diversion was announced all a approach behind in 2013, and we haven’t schooled many in a inserted years. Now a developers have damaged their prolonged silence—in a many concise approach possible.

The Tweet that finally pennyless a prolonged overpower of a Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter comment contains usually a singular word, if a onomatopoeia even depends as a word.

While apparently that singular twitter isn’t many to go off of, it did hint fan speculation. Today is a five-year anniversary of a game’s initial trailer release, definition that a twitter could be celebrating that anniversary. However, a comment didn’t post anything for past anniversaries, so conjecture that this twitter could be hinting during a large refurbish or exhibit is using rampant.

There are other clues that Cyberpunk 2077 might be coming a final stages of development. Recently, a developers have discussed a few facilities that we’ll see in a game, including some information about how a game’s online systems and microtransactions will function.

At a moment, there’s still no estimated recover date for Cyberpunk 2077, yet we’ll keep a tighten eye out for any serve clues. The diversion is designed to recover on PC, yet console versions are presumably in a works, too.

Source: CyberpunkGame on Twitter

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