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Conan visits a Korean internet cafeteria to play Starcraft II and Counter-Strike


Conan O’Brien has played many video games in his shred “Clueless Gamer,” though zero could ready him for his outing to a South Korean internet cafe.

During his new debate of South Korea, Conan stopped into a PC Bang—a Korean internet cafeteria set adult for gaming—to see what was renouned in gaming median opposite a globe. After anticipating an English-speaking gamer, it wasn’t prolonged before Conan was holding on Starcraft II—one of a many played games in a country. Finding that not to be his style, Conan changed on to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a a first-person shooter and most faster-paced game.

It didn’t take prolonged for Conan to be adult to his common antics, creation quips during his opponents in-game. Heavy-hitting insults such as, “Your family cooking decaying soy eggs,” and, “Your mom does not ready squid properly,” were thrown down. Other players seemed unfazed.

For some-more hilarity, check out a video below.

Source: Team Coco

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