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Cliff Bleszinski wants to make a Firefly game


Cliff Bleszinski has certified that he doesn’t like operative on determined franchises, even branch down a possibility to work on a now canceled Silent Hills with Metal Gear auteur Hideo Kojima. However, Bleszinski pronounced that he wouldn’t mind putting his shooter turn on a Firefly radio series.

“The usually protected IP we would ever work on would be Firefly or Serenity, since that would be amazing,” Bleszinski told EGM during an eventuality focusing on his arriving game, LawBreakers. “Imagine carrying all that space movement and going down and carrying that furious Wild West shooting. Getting Nate Fillion and that whole expel together. But that’s never gonna happen, since those rights are all tied up.”

The gameplay in Bleszinski’s take would be engage a reduction of both space and belligerent battles, with a concentration on Joss Whedon’s determined characters.

“It would fundamentally have a boat be a hub, and a thing about Firefly is that it’s always about them being, essentially, a family of misfits, that is what Joss [Whedon] has always been so good at. So we would swap between space missions and then, like we said, going down and carrying that Wild West sharpened on a ground.”

Bleszinski also pronounced that he’d right some of a wrongs committed on a show.

“And we would move behind Wash. we wouldn’t kill Wash.”

Bleszinski’s subsequent game, LawBreakers, is set to recover exclusively on Steam someday this summer.

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