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Capcom announces when we can play as Guile in Street Fighter V


True to a word, Capcom has reliable DLC impression Guile is indeed nearing for Street Fighter V in April, yet he’s creation that deadline by only dual days.

Capcom announced on Twitter that Guile will be accessible for use in North America on Apr 28th during 7 p.m. PT. Like Mar DLC impression Alex, Guile will be giveaway for all players until Capcom is means to residence ongoing servers issues preventing a publisher from rising a designed Zenny emporium for real-money purchases. This month’s refurbish will embody a initial post-launch stage, formed on a classical Air Force bottom best compared with Guile.

Read a prior full outline of Guile and what he’s bringing to Street Fighter V, as good as a trailer hyping a lapse of a Sonic Boom master.

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