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Buy StarCraft II: Legacy of a Void, get Heart of a Swarm giveaway for a singular time

Kerrigan vocalization with Zagara

If we fell off a StarCraft II vessel after a recover of Wings of Liberty and haven’t picked adult a latest enlargement since we missed out on Heart of a Swarm, Blizzard is charity a two-for-one understanding for anyone who purchases Legacy of a Void.

Yes, Zerg is OP, and HotS is a neglected center child of a trilogy, though for a singular time, RTS fans can seize it for giveaway with a squeeze of Legacy of a Void. All we need to do is squeeze LotV by a Battle.net comment and HotS will seem for download in your library. If we already possess a title, a download pivotal will be supposing instead, so we can present it to a friend.

The offer ends today, Apr 25th, during 11:59 p.m. PT, so hurry!

Source: Battle.net

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