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Boss Key Productions is now in talks to move LawBreakers to consoles


Boss Key Productions is now in talks with Sony and Microsoft about a console pier for a arriving group formed shooter, LawBreakers, according to a studio’s co-founder and CEO Cliff Bleszinski.

“We’re articulate to Sony and Microsoft. That’s all we can endorse right now,” Bleszinski told us during a new eventuality focused on LawBreakers.

If a diversion ever does make it to consoles, afterwards Boss Key wouldn’t hoop porting a game, that Bleszinski pronounced would be a formidable task.

“It’s like any agreement negotiation. Who’s gonna get what royalties? Who’s gonna do a port? Because it ain’t gonna be us,” Bleszinski said. “What I’ve been revelation [everyone] is, ‘Good fitness with this port,’ because… [LawBreakers is] so quick paced and straight that it’s gonna be a tough thing to do. It’s not impossible, though have fun f–ing that chicken.”

LawBreakers is set to recover exclusively on Steam someday this summer.

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