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Blizzard nukes 10,000 Overwatch nukers in large anathema wave

Blizzard has forsaken a ban-hammer on scarcely 10,000 Overwatch cheaters in Korea.

A new call of bans has left out from Overwatch developer Blizzard, in an try to winnow cheaters that have been “nuking” opponents in Overwatch. Nuking is when a charlatan hits a opponent’s serves with a DDoS attack, creation their online connectors nonchalant and unstable. This arrange of intrigue is distinguished in Korea, where internal gaming centers are mostly targeted by nuking. Blizzard commented on a anathema movement in a Battle.net post, translated by GamesBeat.

“Creating and delivering a pleasing diversion sourroundings for a infancy of a rule-abiding players is of peerless significance to us,” review a post. “We are committed to holding all a stairs we can to stop players who create, distribute, and use these nuking programs.”

Have we had any issues with cheaters in Overwatch? Let us know in a comments below!

Source: GamesBeat

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